Text Marketing

Marketing in the Palm of Your Hand

Did you know that 85% of mobile device users prefer a text from businesses over phone calls or emails?

Millennials check their phones at least once every five minutes. And that's without an alert prompt! Text marketing is the new email. Today, potential clients will read text messages more often than emails. Shape how you connect with your customers with multi-touch results.

Set Campaign Words

For example, "Text ADVERTISE to 59925."

Go into our easy-to-use system to set different keywords that people can text when they're interested in learning more.

You can also create submarkets based on location, VIP lists, influencers/ambassadors, and more!


Automatically Collect & Quantify Data

Collect contact info & get more leads.

Text marketing is growing in popularity for many reasons, one of them including how simple it is to manage and participate in with a 98% open rate.

Anyone who interacts with your text campaign will automatically be put into your campaign system to refer to in the future.

Customize Your Campaign

Specialize your text campaign with user-friendly features.

Adjust the settings and details of your text campaign, which can include the following campaign styles:

  • Mobile Coupons
  • PayPal Campaigns
  • Anniversary Clubs
  • Random Winner Selector
  • Mobile Websites
  • Text Blast
  • And Much More!
Users spend nearly
of their internet time on a mobile device.
Out of all people who take part in a brand's experiential marketing,
are more likelty to purchase from that brand.
Mobile Revenue has increased
since 2013.